Open When: You're Hurting

by Nichole Eaton

Part of me knows there’s nothing that heals hurt, but time. 

Maybe it feels like this weight is going to sit on your heart forever. Making it hard to breathe. 

But I can’t let you believe that. Life is more than this moment. This incredibly temporary moment. This moment is a minute fraction of your life as a whole. And life can change for the better at any given second.

I imagine you’ve been hurt before and here you still are.And I know you. I know your strength. 

I see it every single morning you wake up, before you have time to question yourself. 

I see it when you push through another day even if you didn’t want to. 

You do the tasks, anyway. You get the kids to school, anyway. You cook dinner, anyway. What you call failing, I call fighting. 


Your strength is right on the forefront. I know this to be true because you are still here. And I’m so damn glad you are. 

It's time to find your light again. The world needs you to find your light, again.Your higher self needs you to step back into your power. Please remember, nothing or no one has permission to strip you of your faith, your hope, or your deep seated knowing that life isn’t meant to be hell. For even in the caves of our hearts there are gems hidden and a sole ray of light bursting through the darkness. If you look hard you can see it. If you breathe deep you can feel it. 

Darkness is where we grow. It’s where the seed unravels to be able to bloom into the hyacinth. 

So, it may feel like unraveling.But this is your launching place. For your next level. 

The other side of this moment, this pain, this despair, is a better life. Right now, this darkness is doing its faithful duty of uncovering your new gifts and traits for who you are about to become. Activating pieces of yourself you've never seen before. 

You’re going to love who you become, by the way. He/She is happier. He/She is fierce. He/She is everything you knew you could be. And he/she is so grateful you held on just a little longer and fought just a little more. 

But for the moment, we must walk through this dim lighting, together. We must continue to not quit on ourselves. To hold compassion but never throw in the towel. 

You must fight for who you are becoming. You must rip open the lesson.You must trust God, The Universe, or whatever you can kind of, sort of, believe in. Look up at the sky. Go into nature and breathe in the fresh air and you’ll simply know life is more than this current circumstance. Life is magic and beauty. It's synchronicities and love. It's unexplainable knowings and hail Mary level miracles.

Life rolls in seasons and summer is coming. You don’t need to seek out artificial light, look inside, my friend….you’re the whole damn sun.

For now, take it one day at a time. Find some friends or perfect strangers who will walk with you. Who let you cry. Who hold their hand out even if you have trouble taking it. Go for a walk. Head into nature. Try a new class or hobby. Learn a new language. Make a bucket list. Go travel. Your life is waiting for you, when you’re ready. Refocus. What is it that YOU want? Who is it that YOU want to become? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and be her/him. 

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