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Rock Your Comeback Ft. Nichole Eaton | Ep. 283

On today’s episode, Ashley is joined by Nichole Eaton, an intuitive therapist and two-time author whose latest book, Rock Your Comeback, was released last month. Nichole is the host of the Rock Your Comeback podcast and creator of the online membership, The Comeback Club.

Nichole has generated dynamic transformation with thousands of clients through her unique style that blends her experience as a mental health counselor and an intuitive. Nichole’s mission is driven by her passion for helping others break through blocks and reconnect with their personal power to completely transform their life.

“It's all these little things I felt called to do that helped me step into this role where I'm following through on things that even feel a little scary to me or that I have some resistance around. Because these tools, especially in this upcoming book, are tools I needed when I was in a dark place. These are tools that saved my life. So, I know they're important, and even if they only work for me and one other person, I want to get that information out there because it feels like an internal obligation.”

When it comes to your own self-belief and rewriting your story for the future you desire, it gets to be simple if you want it to be. It all comes down to trust — trusting yourself, your intuition, and your ability to manifest your wildest dreams.

No one is exempt from this universal truth: Every day is a new opportunity to write your own comeback story.

Tapping into Intuition and Manifesting Desires with Nichole Eaton

In this episode, you will learn:

The importance of stepping into personal power and living a better life The gap between traditional counseling and implementing positive changes The power of intuition and how to tap into it Letting go of negativity and being guided Manifestation and its relation to finding joy and happiness in life Nichole Eaton's journey of transformation and her new book. Nichole shares her past struggles and how she shifted from mental health counseling to the spiritual space. She talks about her curiosity about spirituality, studying different religions, and her intuitive abilities. Nichole explains how she combines intuition and counseling to create a holistic approach to healing. They also discuss the importance of trusting oneself and making aligned decisions. The conversation touches on topics like manifestation, finding joy, and Nichole's book "Rock Your Comeback." Nichole emphasizes the power of reclaiming one's power and not playing the victim.

Rock Your Comeback & Transform Your Life w/ Dr. Justin Moseley + Nichole Eaton

On this episode of The Mindset Doctor Podcast, Dr. Justin Moseley sits down with Nichole Eaton, an intuitive therapist, author, and host of the Rock Your Comeback podcast. Nichole shares her powerful story of transformation and how she pulled herself out of depression and poverty to create the life she has today. She discusses the importance of being intentional, consistent, and finding what works for you in order to create positive change in your life. Nichole also shares her favorite technique that has helped transform her life.

1️⃣ Your thoughts matter: The power of manifestation and the impact of positive thinking cannot be understated. By shifting your mindset and choosing to focus on what you want rather than what you don't, you can create powerful changes in your life.

2️⃣ Consistency is key: Building new habits and practices takes time and effort. Be intentional about incorporating small daily actions that align with your goals. Even just 5 minutes a day of gratitude journaling or meditation can make a significant difference.

3️⃣ Find what works for you: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mindset work. Explore different techniques and tools, and don't be afraid to customize your practice to suit your preferences and needs. It's important to find something that resonates with you and brings you joy.

Get ready to be inspired and motivated as Dr. Justin Justin and Nichole empower you to tap into your personal power and transform your mindset.

Tapping into the Energy of the Universe: Using Intuition to Unleash the Power of Manifestation 

In this episode, we explore the amazing connection between intuition, manifestation, energy, and the universe we live in.

Topics include:

2:32 – Learning about Intuition and Energy

4:33 - How to Trust your Intuition and Truth

7:30 - Nichole's Journey on being Intuitive Therapist

14:35 - The first step to coming back to Yourself

17:34 - Break through financial barriers

24:33 - Manifestation despite doubts of people around you

29:47 – How to Trust the Universe

36:55 - Practicing Manifestation

44:32 - Finding your Neutral Space

46:50 - Nichole's Words of Encouragement

Rock Your Comeback: Feeling Your Best and Living Your Purpose with Nichole Eaton

Have you had periods where you feel like nothing is going your way? Or, like you are off but can't understand why?

Have you ever felt like you are ready for more but not sure where to start? If you answered Yes to any of the above, this episode is for you.

Today we are joined by Nichole Eaton, author of "Rock Your Soul" and newly released, "Rock Your Comeback".

We will talk about how to identify when things may be off and how to easily and quickly shift yourself out of any funks and into exactly who you want to be.

If you are ready to re-claim your power and step into better habits, behaviors and beliefs, this episode is for you.

Ep. 291 - Neuroscience, Manifestation and Why Your Thoughts Matter w/ Nichole Eaton

In this episode I chat with Nichole Eaton (@nicholeeaton.xo). Nichole is here to remind you of your power. Intuitive therapist. Author of "Rock Your Comeback" and podcast host.

In this episode we break down:

How women how to rock their comeback and step back into their power through mindset, manifestation, and intuition. The neuroscience behind why your thoughts matter, how that plays into manifestation Teaching ladies to trust their intuition and let it guide them to make massive, aligned changes.

This episode was so good and I hope you enjoy it too! xo

Nichole Eaton - Managing Anxiety & Depression

My guest on this week's Best You Podcast episode is Nichole Eaton. Nichole is an intuitive therapist, two-time author releasing her newest book Rock Your Comeback: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Reclaiming Your Power this August, host of the Rock Your Comeback podcast, and creator of the online space The Comeback Club. She has brought dynamic transformation to thousands of clients with her unique style that interweaves her experience as both a mental health counselor and an intuitive. Nichole has a passion for helping others break through blocks and reconnect with their personal power to completely transform their life.

Check out the episode to learn more about how to manage anxiety and depression, how to bounce back from a breakup, how to manifest things you want in your life, how to change the beliefs that you have about yourself, how to flip a bad day into a good day and so much more.


Nichole’s 3 Keys to Getting Closer to Her Best Self:

1. Say "yes" to more things outside of work

2. Showing up in the fullness of herself more frequently

3. Work on Bigger Beliefs

The Power of Manifestation with Nichole Eaton S01 EPS495

In the latest episode of the Empowerography Podcast, my guest is Nichole Eaton. After seeing a positive sign cross her pregnancy test a few weeks after turning 20, Nichole thought her dreams were over. She stayed in school despite being told she should quit, battling the darkest depression, worrying if this week was the week where the lights were getting shut off. She was broke, hopeless, and contemplating if she should even stay earthside, when a little spark of hope found her. Nichole began to get curious about the power of the mind and manifestation. She learned everything there was to know about the power of the Universe, her intuition, and dove deep into the way the mind works. She manifested herself out of depression, finished her Master's degree, and stepped back into her power to create a life she loves helping women across the globe as an intuitive therapist, two-time author, host of the Rock Your Comeback podcast, and creator of the Comeback Club. Today has brought dynamic transformation to thousands of clients with her unique style that interweaves her experience as both a mental health counselor and an intuitive. Nichole has a passion for helping others break through blocks and reconnect with their personal power to completely transform their life. In this episode we discuss intuition, manifestation, mental health, spirituality and mindset.

006: Black Hole Moments with Nichole Eaton author of Rock Your Soul and Rock Your Comeback

Hi everybody! I am so excited for you to hear this conversation today with the amazing Nicole Eaton. Nichole is the author of the books Rock Your Comeback: The Down to Earth Guide to Reclaiming Your Power and Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind. She is an Intuitive Therapist, Podcaster, and an overall rule breaker, here to help you burst through your own limits and defy beliefs holding you back from being more successful, happy, or living a life you're passionate about.

109: The Healing Power of Words with Nichole Eaton

Welcome to Rock Your Shine: After you’ve been cracked wide open. On this show, I sit down with people from all over the world to hear their transformational stories on their deep grief and loss journeys.

Today, we have a special guest, Nichole Eaton. Nichole is the author of two powerful books, "Rock Your Comeback: The Down to Earth Guide to Reclaiming Your Power" and "Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind." She's not just an intuitive therapist, but a certified rule-breaker dedicated to helping you break free from beliefs that hold you back from success, happiness, and living your dream life.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Nichole's personal journey. She shares her experience of becoming a young mother, navigating school, and finding herself in a mentally heavy space. Tune in as we explore her courageous path while working in the mental health field, even when facing her own inner demons.

Discover how Nichole managed to maintain awareness of her struggles while being in a tough spot. Learn about her powerful daily ritual of writing thank-you notes to the universe and how it has transformed her life.

Nichole also reveals her three daily non-negotiables and provides a sneak peek into the incredible healing tools you can find in her books.

Join us as we uncover the immense power that comes with becoming an intuitive therapist and gain insights into how long it takes to turn your life around when you're in a dark period.

Nichole delves into her personal definition of self-love and shares her message of hope. It's a conversation that will inspire you to break free from your limitations and start living the life you've always dreamed of.

Nichole Eaton - Be Intentional.

Ep.102 - Breaking Through Your Limiting Beliefs - Nichole Eaton

The Brittany Renee Experience Featuring Nichole Eaton

Rock Your Soul with Nichole Eaton

Nichole Eaton is the author of Rock Your Soul and Rock Your Comeback . Intuitive Therapist. Host of the Rock Your Comeback Podcast and her mission is to remind you of your power so let me ask you Nichole, why do we forget how powerful we are in the first place?