Open When: You're Losing Hope

by Nichole Eaton

I'm so sorry life has been challenging lately. It can be so easy to lose hope when things haven't been working out. But here's the thing, situations not working out is not a time to lose hope. It’s a time to dig real damn deep for it. 

Hope is powerful and cannot be contingent on whatever doors are opening or closing in front of you.That’s disrespectful to hope. That’s degrading to the power of the Universe. 

Your life, your purpose, is wrapped in nothing but you. It is not buried in the relationship that ended. It is not tied to the job you were fired from. You won’t find it glued to the acceptance or denial to grad school. 

You’re bigger than that. The Universe is bigger than that. You have to stop shrinking God to fit your circumstance.

Perspective is about understanding there is more going on than meets the eye. The situation at hand is not the end all, be all. Experiences, even crappy ones, are meant to unlock key parts of you to take you to your next level, not create the summary of your life and purpose. 

You can't close the book here, there's still so many more chapters. You'll miss the main plot. You'll miss the new characters. You'll skip over the happy ending.

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing outside of you is, or takes away, YOUR power. Your power is internal. Your power is an extension of the energy that creates worlds. And whatever happened to you, your life is not over. It doesn't end here. Whatever felt like it tore you down, you have the capacity to rebuild. Do you hear me? Even if it’s felt impossible lately.

Your life begins again the moment you decide it does. 

But you have to choose to move forward and you have to choose yourself.Every single day you have to wake up and choose your damn self. Before you get out of bed, you have to decide you were made for more than this. Before your feet hit the floor, you have to decide that nothing gets in your way today. 

You must dig up the bones that once belonged to you. You have to tap your reserves of strength that are already screaming, “I want more for me.” 

Your soul never wants less for you. It never wants you settling or staying places that deplete you. Only our heads hang onto shit not serving us. Logic traps us into thinking what we had or did was “it” for us. Too much time in our heads creates a scarcity mind set denying the truth that the world is absolutely freaking abundant. Miracles happen every single moment. Impossibilities resurrect as possibilities. Life can change for the better at any given second. 

There are millions of people, and jobs, and goals, and situations waiting for someone like you. There are endless, expansive possibilities waiting for you to allow them in. And it feels so good to even read that because your soul will recognize what is true way before your head does.

So, you have to choose you. You have to choose possibility. Because no one will do it for you. That decision. That choice. That power HAS to emerge from you. 

Hope is a decision. But, understand resiliency is a skill set

Resiliency has to be built not bought. We have to take each a day, one day at a time. Making slow changes, just for today. Making slow habits to create a life we desire, only for today. 

We also are required to create healthy choices including standing clear of the shit that made us small. Choosing to refocus from all that drains our energy. Deciding what was really ours to worry about in the first place. Meditating. Strengthening connections with healthy people or places. Deepening your connection with your own truth. Finding people who do not require you to translate your soul. 

And if you are struggling to find it. Look up. Look at the sky and understand with the depth of your soul that you are not in any way, shape, or form alone. There is magic at play. There is more coming. But you cannot invite it in without keeping your head up. You’ll miss it staring at the floor. 

Your soul is begging you to reach for hope right now. It’s aching for you to let that shit go. The Universe is pleading with you to trust if you just release your grip around the closed door's handle, a new door will appear. It's time. You're ready.

About the Author:

Nichole Eaton is the author of the book Rock Your Soul: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind. She is a soul therapist, helping clients to tap into their own personal power and connect with their own energy and faith to make massive positive change in their lives. 

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