Open When: You're Ready to Come Back to Yourself

by Nichole Eaton

Welcome back.

It feels like it’s been a while since you were here, fully here.

But I’m so glad you’ve decided it’s time.

You deserve that, you know.You deserve to be present and full in yourself. You deserve positive circumstances and to be out of survival mode. Wherever you’ve been, I’m grateful you’re here now.

Take a deep breath and remember what it’s like to be you. Without the plight of the world sprinkling itself over your heart, muddying your flavor and vision. Remember what it’s like to feel alive in your body. To hear your heart beat, feeling attuned to the promise it drums.

 Every time you revive your soul you set sail the opportunity to create something magnificent. Maybe you aren’t sure what you want. Maybe you’re not sure what it will look like. And that’s perfectly okay.The Universe will align with your soul to help pull in circumstances that fit who you were destined to be. 

You have deep purpose here. You have deep placement and your life was birthed with seeds of intention only you are destined to plant, water, and grow. And don’t you forget, you are eternally surrounded by the deepest most magnificent love: the stardust and the stars you were created from.

It’s now time to focus on you. 

The moment has arrived to unearth your passions, reconnect with your wild, and dig up the lost gems that light your eyes up.You are a force. You no longer have time or energy to squander on the things, people, or situations that drain you or pull you away from your power. There is no more time to wait or waste. You are done living a life that is an inadequate reflection of you. You are done living in a way that is beneath you. You are now someone who easily recognizes what is for you and what is not. It’s incredible how easily you've become one who walks away from all that wishes to go, standing firm in your center as the brightest light in the darkest room. 

It’s time to choose yourself. Choose yourself every single morning when you wake up. Choose yourself every night before you go to bed. You need no one’s permission but your own to have, do, or be whatever you desire. It’s time to step up. You are done playing small. You are done hiding out. It’s time to own who the hell you were meant to be.

Feel your way through each moment. Decide for yourself to be intentional about nourishing, loving on, and deeply caring for, not just your physical body, but your soul. The world needs you to be the fullest expression of you.

So, Welcome Back, the world's been waiting for you.

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