Open When: You're Angry

by Nichole Eaton 

 It didn’t work out. It didn’t work out how you thought it would or how you wanted it to. 

Maybe you feel hurt or betrayed. Maybe just disappointed or overwhelmed. 

This isn’t what you had planned for your life.And that sucks. 

You’re allowed to be angry. You really are. But anger is secondary to something softer. To the vulnerable parts of you that feel hurt or pushed on. 

Anger is sometimes easier than facing the real truth. 

What is the truth? 

Maybe you’re mad at God because someone you love left. Maybe you’re mad at someone you love because they didn’t do what you wanted them to. Maybe you’re mad at yourself because you could’ve tried harder or done somethings different. 

No matter what you’re angry about, know that it’s okay. But that anger can visit but not take up residence.  When you’re ready, you have to move that energy by going for a walk or run, dancing it out, writing it out, or taking it out on a heavy bag. Move your body to move the emotion. Take a deep breath. 

Now, here’s the most important part. What are you going to do about it? What can you actually control right now?It may not be much. It may just be your focus. It may just be waking up and taking one day at a time. It may just be refocusing your energy on feeling your breath going in and out of your body. 

Or maybe you owe someone an apology. Maybe it’s you, that you owe an apology. For staying in a situation that wasn't serving you, far past its expiration date. For settling for less. Or maybe you owe yourself compassion. Maybe you've been too hard on yourself when you've really been trying. When you've tried so hard over and over and it didn't work. 

Perhaps, it’s time to trust in the Universe a little. To imagine even things causing you pain are often an act of God. That people must go. Life must shift. You must grow. 

Acceptance and self improvement are the most productive places to go from here. 

We cannot control others. We can’t control their intentions or behaviors. We can’t expect them to be like us, love like us, or do what’s always in our best interest. We cannot expect them to have the same heart or values. We cannot expect all situations to seem fair.

We can control our own response, however. We can protect our dignity and take the high road. We can heal ourselves after hurt. We can move on to a new and better life with optimism and hope. We can shift our focus to whats possible. We can hone in our personal power and begin with small steps to change our lives. We can make ourselves so damn great that these situations and feelings won't matter in a few months. We can make ourselves so incredibly happy that we forget why we were ever upset in the first place. We can create a dream life that those who hurt us or doubted us can only dream up. 

Maybe it’s time to let go. Let God handle the karma. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make a better life for yourself. It's time. 

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  • I think this blog was meant for me today. Thank you Nichole. Love your writings and your soul

    Lori C

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