Open When: You're Settling

by Nichole Eaton

Listen, I'm expecting more from you. Not because I'm a non-compassionate, hard-ass but because I know you're capable of fulfilling all your potential. This means I'm simply not willing to let you settle for less. Because, well, less is boring and unfulfilling, and sort-of like agreeing to wear embroidered turtle necks from the early 90's to make your mom happy. It ain't cute.

You'll always know when it's time for more in your life. The Universe doesn't skip a beat in letting you know the clock just struck midnight and you need to either believe in the magic of possibility or find some weird way to go back to accepting whatever scraps are falling off the table. Its UNCOMFORTABLE. Your entire being feels it. It's like your soul starts speed writing you letters from a jail cell of all the things it misses. Like showers where everyone's not watching or steak with A1 sauce! Ok, ok more like JOY, alignment, and energy! Did you know one of the quickest ways to tell you are out of soul alignment is being tired all the time? Its a subtle knocking that turns into a loud bang every single time something shows up in your life that's less than what you WANT or DESERVE. 

Our soul knows our boundaries even when we can't clearly articulate them. Our soul knows our desires and our truths even if we are hiding under the covers in avoidance. Truly, you can't hide from that stuff it. will. find. you! 

So, that job you hate? Expect it to get worse and that voice to get louder. 

That jerk you're dating? Expect it to get worse and that voice to get louder.

That life style you're currently living that's SO not in alignment with you? Expect that voice to get louder.

All this internal back and forth, this isn't the Universe being a jerk-face, by the way. This is because more is possible and we don't make money moves when we're comfortable and all is well. We make it when we feel forced or pushed or so uncomfortable that we have to reach back and unsnap our metaphorical corset. 

I know you're afraid. I know its scary to change what you've always known. And I know its really just fear holding you back from living in your truth. But your soul knows what's on the other side of fear. Your soul, in fact, doesn't even see that fear. It really only sees the joy, happiness, and success. It sees you bathing in swimming pools of money while being fanned by cabana boys in golden speedos. Or something very, very similar.  

Sometimes making the first move sucks. Sometimes it makes you feel weird inside. Sometimes its embarrassing or you'll have people around you telling you not to. If people aren't in support of your decisions and happiness, consider if they belong in your world! Sometimes you're not even sure where you're heading. Sometimes you'll leap and then second guess yourself ending in panic. 

But you can't stay there. You can't stay settling in a life that's no longer for you. 

It's not fair to your potential. Its not fair for you to have to get to the end of your life and have to explain to your higher self why you never even tried, why you were too scared to give yourself the life you deserve. It's not fair for you to waste another 2 minutes let alone 10 years. 

You're worth the risk. You're worth the JOY. You're deserving of all things sparkly, glittery, and hella, hella good. 

If you don't know where to start. Start with small truths. Small moments. Small actions towards your happiness. Start with HONESTY. Get REALLY honest with yourself. Write it down. Read it out loud. Write it again. Ask God/The Universe to show you the path for you. To make it clear as day, with the promise you'll follow it. You'll trust it. 

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it. If you were waiting for the right words, this is it. If you were waiting, knock it the heck off. Life it too short to wait. Go after it. Make your life what you want it to be. Choose your effing self every damn day. 

and if you need a little help along the way, I've got your back with loads of free content, my book Rock Your Soul: The Down to Earth Guide to Mastering Your Mind, or even 1:1 Support via soul read or soul therapy. 

Love you all <3 

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