When Hope is Toxic

by Nichole Eaton

Hope is important, acting as the basis for moving forward especially from tough or transitional times. Hope gives us permission to trust. Even if we're dealing with a challenging event in our life, something will change, allowing us to feel better. We need hope to make it out of tough times. 

However, certain hope can be toxic, particularly when it stops you from progressing forward in your life. Hope is a cognitive process, it is not the same as faith. Hope is a thought. A daily thought. Toxic hope typically comes from willing a closed door to re-open and not making any other moves or progress in your life because you are fixated on the hope of resurrection or narrowing desires. 

Hope becomes toxic when we fixate our hearts on only one avenue to fulfill us. We play God and decide what form the hope and relief must come in. 

This is our first mistake as we are part of the Universe but we are simply NOT the whole of the Universe. We possess a lot of magic but do not have the same foresight and openness. We do not have the ability to truly see the incredible, swirling expansion of possibilities for our life. 

Mental fixation comes in many different forms. This might be on what we deem as the form of relief whether it’s a particular job we must have or promotion we have been waiting for. Or maybe it's that ex you want back into your life, or the one person you’ve been dying to date. The college you feel you NEED to get into or your future is doomed. 

One person, one experience, one situation cannot be relied on for your hope. 

Hope doesn’t work like that. Hope has to be expansive. Hope must be left to the Universe to fulfill, not your controlling cognition to determine.Toxic hope eliminates all other options and possibilities to derive success from any other areas, people, places, or things. 

I recently read a story about coal miners. The story talked about how the coal mining industry was incredibly lucrative and paid well, but it was unpredictable. The mines would often close for several years at a time and then reopen. In the meantime, the coal miners were often out of work for years. Some would do odd jobs but most just utilized unemployment while waiting for the coal mines to open back up. At one point, in this particular area the coal mines closed for good. But certain coal miners never moved forward. They wasted half of their lives waiting for the mines to reopen and never did. Many miners came to the end of their lives completely broke, unsuccessful, and with very little to show. 

Hope has to come with understanding all will be well even if that one option doesn’t work out. It’s moving forward with your life despite not knowing. Hey, maybe the mines will reopen and that will bring you joy, success, or money. Or maybe they won’t. But you can't stay stuck where you're at, physically or mentally.

Hope, real hope, is about YOU being okay whether it happens or not. Knowing God has a plan for your life and you can’t sit there twiddling your thumbs staring at a closed door. 

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to lose hope for something we want by understanding that positive change can come from multiple directions. The world is full of possibilities that haven’t even come into our awareness yet. 

The thing I know for sure is when we find our way back to alignment with our true self, our real self, opportunities ALWAYS open up. They always step blatantly into our reality. 

The Universe works in our readiness just as much as it works its normal magic. It cannot be ready and gift us opportunities if we are exhausting all of our energy trying to take power tools to the closed, sealed door. 

I don’t know who this applies to but it’s time to move forward. This particular thing in your life you need to release hope around. There’s better coming. There’s so much more out there. It may not come exactly as you think it should. But I promise if you trust in more for your life, something incredible will show up better than you could even fathom. It may arrive in ways you were simply not expecting. God does that. The Universe works like that. 

That’s the magic of the Universe’s greatness and all you need to do to receive it is keep your hope trusting and open. 

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