Cash Money Crash Course

Cash Money Crash Course

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This Training is built to help you reset your money mindset, recalibrate your relationship with abundance, understand the power of manifestation, and bring more money into your world.

In this training: 

  • Thoroughly understanding how your beliefs
    impact what you experience

  • Understanding your money

    stories, expectations, and 
    how they came to be

  • Rewriting those stories and

    and beliefs to work towards
    an abundant mindset.

  • Daily routines and practices

    for bringing abundance in your life.

  • A full comprehensive

    lesson on how to manifest,
    why we manifest, and connecting with the Universe to create
    energetic matches for what you want.

  • Using your intuition to know 

    when to act and how to make
    intuitive decisions that will lead to wealth

  • Radical acceptance of responsibility

    and practical tips for owning your financial situation.


    This training includes:


    Video One:

    Deep Dive into Core Beliefs. Let's get real in
    understanding what stories and beliefs block you
    from being wealthy and abundant.

    Video Two:

    Deep dive into challenging your beliefs.
    Learning to reset your money mindset 
    to reword how you see money, relate to it, 
    and increase it in your life.

    Video Three: 

    Daily Practices and Techniques for 
    retraining your mind and expectations


    My Manifestation Writing Tutorial. 
    This game-changing daily practice is what 
    brings the biggest, most powerful results. 


    This workbook will help not only hold you 
    accountable to actual do the work but also 
    allow you to truly assess your beliefs, strengths,
    thoughts, and practice implementing changes. 


    Note: This course will have limited availabilities and will be ready on July 9, 2019. You will be notified via e-mail when it's ready and you have access to it. The best news?  You will be able to watch the replay as many times as you like!