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I love free things. Like when you go to the coffee shop and someone purchases your coffee or even when your kids pick those wildflowers or find a heart shaped leaf. I love thoughtfulness and kindness and powerful people sharing their knowledge. So because I love you and free stuff, this entire page will be dedicated to sharing knowledge and helpful resources with you! If I'm going to help you be a badass, we have to break out the toolbox! 

Blogs are life. 

See if these ones change yours!

5 Perspective Shifting Books to Cozy Up to This Fall
by Nichole Eaton The seasons are changing, temps are cooling, and we are stepping into the slower momentum of Autumn....
Ten Morning Affirmations That Will Change Your Life
I’m a huge believer in speaking your life into existence.    Our words, both in our heads and the conversations...

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Cord Cutting Meditation by Doreen Virtue (before she went cray-cray) to release toxic connections to people, places, or things:


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