Your Mini-Guide to Miracles

by Nichole Eaton

Last night, I really wanted to make a lemon-arugula salad and forgot the parmesan at the store. Now this might not sound like a crisis to you, but my mouth had been watering for a fresh summer salad while basking in the sun on my patio. I had the whole thing already planned out in my head and then, the parm was M.I.A. One might not consider it a miracle that I discovered I had an extra brick in my back crisper but I DID. I’m over here smiling like The Universe is so freaking on it.

Probably a ridiculous example but what if you’re missing miracles in your day-to-day life because you’re waiting for them to be grand or show up in a specific way. 

Miracles are not exclusive to Moses parting the Red Sea.Although, that was a pretty dope trick. If Instagram was a thing back then you would’ve for sure seen a selfie-stick shot of him with the sea parted like #blessed.

Look, miracles can be small and more often than not they present as subtle shifts and little moments. You don’t need to part the pool at the YMCA to have an epic day or to know that the Universe has your back. If big magical occurrences happened daily you wouldn’t notice them. You wouldn’t see all of the tiny details creating your epic, wondrous life. You’d roll your eyes and be like, “oh look, another sea parting.” Yaaaaawwwwnnn. 

We truly have the capacity to lack appreciation when something great becomes normal. But just because you don’t see huge moments happening in your daily life doesn’t mean tiny shifts aren’t occurring daily, to help you become who you’re meant to be and take you where you’re meant to go! 

My favorite type of miracles? A shift in perception. We can get so damn stuck in seeing a situation from the same viewpoint we blind ourselves to possibility. Sometimes before I go to bed I set the intention to see things differently. 

So, here’s a mini-guide I put together for you to see more miracles in your life: 

 1. Expect miracles.Part of seeing miracles is expecting them. Let them in your life by not only INVITING them in but KNOWING they will come. KNOWING they happen daily. KNOWING they happen for everyone. KNOWING that the Universe isn’t restricted by day or time or option. Trusting that the Universe has your back and that things workout not always as we want them to but in our best and highest good. The Universe is constantly throwing out signs. I can’t even tell you how many bright red cardinals I’ve seen in the last few weeks. Look for the ways the Universe is already supporting you. Look for the blessing in the moment. 

2. Don’t decide how your miracle must show up.Maybe it’s a little extra parm for your salad or maybe your life gets saved in some dramatic fashion. Don’t decide what the miracle has to look like but see the good in each day. Sometimes we block miracles by fixating on how they must show up. Dont decide the miracle has to look like getting this job or this relationship working out. Sometimes the Universe is creating a miracle by those desires NOT coming to fruition. 

 3. Ask then wait.You can ask for a miracle in variety of ways. Some people pray. Some people manifest. Some people write intentions. I like to write thank you notes to the Universe. Like a “thanks in advance for this awesomeness in my life.”  But if you’re going to work with miracles you HAVE to learn the Universe doesn’t work in your time. Sorry. Actually, the more you pressure you put on a situation, the less you’ll see the magic. Intuition and the Universe are 100% about RECEIVING not forcing. Be patient and trust that the right answer is on its way. Celebrate beforehand, knowing the Universe doesn’t fail, if we back off long enough to let it show up. 

Cheers to the miracles you’re about to see come to life in your world. Cheers to the power you are about to see at work. Cheers to knowing it all works itself out with full purpose and in our best and highest good in mind. 

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