Ten Morning Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

I’m a huge believer in speaking your life into existence. 

Our words, both in our heads and the conversations we have aloud, are critical for creating a life you're wild about or falling into a less-than stellar existence. 

If you could imagine each thought as a command asking your brain to see in your life or memory bank what you’re telling it to, the game of thought becomes a higher risk. 

Your brain connects with your body, telling it how to respond accordingly.When you say words like “I’m tired,” you are asking your brain to look for evidence in your world and within your body of tiredness. When you say words like “nobody likes me,” you are asking for you brain to seek out evidence in your present day-to-day world where your friends bailed on you or as far back as memories of fourth grade when you were picked last in gym class. 

If I asked you to scan the room for a moment only looking for items with blue on it you would quickly gravitate towards blue. You might even go as far as storing items having more grey in them than blue, because your brain tries hard to match what you are requesting. If I then asked you to, without looking, only tell me what was yellow, you'd probably struggle. You were looking for blue, of course, not yellow. We see what we look for and we decide what to look for by our thoughts. 

Our brain is nothing more than a machine following thought requests.So, you have to understand how you speak to yourself is CRUCIAL for creating a life and a feeling about yourself that is worthwhile. If you've been struggling to feel good about yourself or seem to always focus on the negative, making a commitment to use new thoughts could change your life. 

The following are ten affirmations I use daily to help restructure my neural pathways giving me a more confident, happier existence. The more you tell yourself something, the more you believe it, and see it in your external life. The best way to utilize these affirmations is to say them 2-3x each, every morning while looking in the mirror. The more you use these affirmations not only are you asking your brain to see it and feel it but you are also inviting the positive energy and magic of the Universe in to show you whats possible.

Feel free to add your own. They may feel challenging to say at first because your brain has built different beliefs so adapt them according to what you are WILLING to believe. Happy Manifesting! 

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