The Comeback Course Video Two

Weekly Check In:

One word to describe my week would be: _________________________________

I felt in control or out of control: _________________________________

The feeling I felt most this week was: _________________________________

The feeling I’d like to feel more of is: _________________________________

I found myself using most of my mental focus on: _____________________________

I’m proud of myself for: _________________________________

I’d like to improve: _________________________________

Rate your week on a scale of 1-10: _________________________________

Scale of 1-10: How committed was I to energy management?

Taking Responsibility Questions:

What area of my life needs some love or improving:

What areas of my life are going well:

What are the excuses I catch myself making (“I’m tired,” “I’m broke,” “I’m too ____” etc):

The truth is:

I’m blocking myself by:

I’m scared of:

Where do I spend the majority of my time, energy, and focus?

Spending my time, energy, and focus in this way brings me more of:

If I were to face this fear and take responsibility of my life, this would be different:

I’d feel more successful or happy if I spent my time and energy on:

The first step to change is:

I can start this (when, where, time, how):

Manifestations or affirmations that counter my excuses or areas that I’m stuck:

Routine Questions:

What do I enjoy doing for fun?

What practices make me feel most relaxed or like myself?

What am I ready to begin to eliminate from my life that is a habit that drains my energy instead of refilling it:

The area of my life that needs more love and self-care is? (mental, emotional, or physical)
I’m worth taking care of because and I deserve to create time for myself because:

One thing I will do for myself today is:

 One thing I will do for myself this week is: 
One thing I will do for myself this month is:

Thinking Ahead Reflection

What I really want my mood to feel like:

How I want to feel about myself:

What I really want my financial situation to be like:

What I really want my love life to be like:

What I really want my friendships to feel like:

What I really want my career to be like:

What I really want my health/fitness to look like:

What I really want my future to feel and look like:

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