The Comeback Course Video Three

Weekly Check In:

One word to describe my week would be: _________________________________

I felt in control or out of control: _________________________________

The feeling I felt most this week was: _________________________________

The feeling I’d like to feel more of is: _________________________________

I found myself using most of my mental focus on: _____________________________

I’m proud of myself for: _________________________________

I’d like to improve: _________________________________

Rate your week on a scale of 1-10: _________________________________

Scale of 1-10: How committed was I to energy management?

Setting Boundaries Questions:

When I set boundaries I feel :

I feel this in my:

In the past, setting boundaries has been (hard or easy):

In the past, when I’ve set boundaries this happened:

The role I played for my mother:

The role I played for my father:

The role I play for my friends:

Unhealthy boundaries to me means:

Healthy boundaries to me means:

I’m worried this will happen if I set boundaries with people around me:

The easiest person to set boundaries with is:

The hardest person to set boundaries with is:

What do I believe about this challenging person or situation?

What am I likely to see because of this belief :

My TRUTH regarding this relationship is:

What would I like to see instead?

What would I need to believe to see this reality instead?

You are entirely up to YOU. You can’t change anyone else. Your part is based on knowing your truth and being able to express it in a way it is heard. You are ONLY responsible for communicating your truth in a safe and healthy way.

My communication style is (direct, passive aggressive, non-existent, etc.):

When ____________ happens, I feel ______________.

What I’d really like instead is ______________________________

When ____________ happens, I feel ______________.

What I’d really like instead is ______________________________

When ____________ happens, I feel ______________.

What I’d really like instead is ______________________________

My feelings and future are important because:

How much time do I spend thinking about others and their viewpoints, feelings, actions?

What would be a better use of my time?

If I don’t speak my truth, this will be my life 5-10 years from now:

What manifestations will help me feel more confident, comfortable, and attract the right people? 

Mantras for Relationships

  • I am deeply loved and respected by everyone around me.

  • I am able to be my true self around people I love and care about.

  • I communicate my wants and needs easily and clearly.

  • I am easily able to draw boundaries with love as needed.

  • I am tuned into the wants and needs of my partner/friends and they are mutually tuned into my wants and needs.

  • I am able to take space for myself when needed.

  • I allow myself and give myself permission to speak my mind and request space when needed.

  • I am deeply and fully myself no matter who I am around.

  • I feel loved, connected, and supported to the people around me.

  • I deserve to have healthy relationships

  • I am allowed to express my wants and needs.

  • Having a healthy and loving relationship is just a normal part of my life.

  • I was made for amazing connections

  • I keep my heart open both to give love and to receive it.

  • I love who I am and so do the people around me.

  • I only attract healthy and harmonious relationships, everything else simply fades away.

  • I am so damn worthy of love 

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