The Comeback Course Video Four

Weekly Check In:

One word to describe my week would be: _________________________________
I felt in control or out of control:

The feeling I felt most this week was: _________________________________

The feeling I’d like to feel more of is: _________________________________
I found myself using most of my mental focus on: _____________________________

I’m proud of myself for: _________________________________

I’d like to improve: _________________________________

Did I complete a goal I set: _________________________________
Scale of 1-10: How committed was I to energy management?

Energy Reflection Questions:

I’ve noticed this pattern/feeling seems to show up time and time again:

Things that trigger this feeling or experiences I’ve had that have led to this feeling/situation have included:

My typical response or reaction to this pattern is:

I hold this energy in my:

This energy might be protecting me or helping me by:

Instead of responding this way, I’d like to try:

My TRUTH is:

What I would do or say differently if I wasn’t scared or if I felt supported by the Universe:

Where do I feel it?

Use the first outline to color in the areas that hold old energy whether that’s fear, doubt, a past person, situation, experience, emotion, thought, shame, guilt etc. Get creative by matching the color or darkness as a representation of the energy.  Use the second outline to draw a representation of what your energy can morph into. Use personal power colors, colors that represent calm, soul spark, and are more authentic to you. 

Reflection Questions for Forgiveness

I accept that this happened (what event, situation, etc.):

Because of this experience, I have learned:

This experience unlocked these resiliencies or personality traits:

I learned this about myself through this experience:

What I want this pain to turn into?

Who am I needing to forgive?

For what?

Ican empathize and hold compassion for __________ (this person, situation, or yourself) in this way:

Activity: Letter Writing

Letter Writing. Take some time to write a letter of release or forgiveness. It may be for you, from you. It maybe to someone else. This letter is intended to be AUTHENTIC and but NOT to send.This letter is meant to allow space for complete and total truth and honesty.Not monitoring or judging what comes out, just creating space to allow whatever arises to show up.

A Mantra for Moving On

I accept that these experiences happened. I am thankful for what I’ve learned from them. I am thankful for the growth that came from them. I now release any blocks to manifesting my true happiness, in my true place, with my true people, in my true purpose. I am ready to release all that no longer serves me. All the shit that weighed me down is now so insanely small. I don’t even have time to bother with it. I feel myself rising up to my next level. I feel myself becoming everything I always knew I could be.

Iam ________________fucking_______________

         (first name)                                (last name)

I was made for an amazing life. I was made for more. I am someone who easily moves forward. I am someone who easily walks away from anything no longer meant for me and what’s meant for me is more clear now than it has ever been.

Removing Energetic Blocks Meditation Video

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