The Comeback Course Video One

Weekly Check In:

One word to describe my week would be: _________________________________
I felt in control or out of control:

The feeling I felt most this week was: _________________________________

The feeling I’d like to feel more of is: _________________________________
I found myself using most of my mental focus on: _____________________________

I’m proud of myself for: _________________________________

I’d like to improve: _________________________________

Rate your week on a scale of 1-10: _________________________________
Scale of 1-10: How committed was I to self-care?

Energy Reflection Questions:

Intentions for this week:

What I’d like to receive from this course is:

When I’m at my best, my energy feels:

I feel this most in this part of my body:

When I’m at my worst, my energy feels:

I feel this most in this part of my body:


When I’m around this person, I feel most like myself:


When I’m around this person, I feel least like myself:


These people leave me feeling filled up:


These people leave me feeling drained:

These places I feel drawn to:

These places I hate going:

My energy or mood feels better when I implement these practices:

My energy or mood feels worse when I do these things:

I feel addicted to this type of external energy or mood:

Universe Reflection Questions:

What I grew up believing about the Universe:

What I currently believe in (God, Universe, higher self):


Do I believe the Universe supports me?

What would I do differently, if I deeply believed the Universe supported me:


What stops me from trusting the Universe?


Magical occurrences that I can’t deny something bigger exists:


How the Universe Speaks to me: 


Daily Practices:

When you notice you are in an old energetic pattern or addiction try this:

PAUSEà BRING YOUR ENERGY WITHIN àBREATHE àAsk yourself if you are investing in a new future or setting yourself up to recreate past circumstances and emotional states?

Some daily energy practices to try include (Circle two):

Saging/Palo Santo
Using Crystals
Connecting with Nature/Gardening
Dry bathing or Manual Energy realigning
EpsomSalt Bath
Intention Setting
Breath work
Working out/Movement

Energy Balancing Meditation Video

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