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Course Reflection

One word to describe my course experience would be:

I felt: _________________________________
The feeling I felt most throughout this course was:_______________________________
The feeling I felt most is: _________________________________
I found myself using most of my mental focus on: _____________________________ 
I’m proud of myself for: _________________________________
I’d still like to improve: _________________________________
The most impactful thing I learned: _________________________________
Scale of 1-10: How committed was I to myself? ____________________________

Set positive intention → Release the "how" → Find a better feeling/alignment

“The role of language is the agreement we make with our situations” – Robert Tennyson Stevens

Manifestation Principles:

• Accepting we are divine beings knowing the divine simply doesn’t lack anything. 

• All language is CREATIVE

• Explore your set points within a manifestation.

o What’s the most you feel you’re able to receive?

o What’s the least you feel you’re able to receive? 

• Play with being specific

o Being vague can manifest the wrong things but being too specific can block you from receiving. 

Find a happy medium by feeling into each different manifestation

o Ex: If a server asks you what you want, you don’t simply say “food” in response. 

Vague words to watch out for

▪ Want (implies LACK)

▪ Better (is vague, what does better mean to you?)

▪ More or perfect (what does “more” look like or what is “perfect” to you?) 

▪ Improve (is vague)

▪ Stop doing “x” (Try to think of what you’d rather do instead)

▪ Would like to (Implies a future time but not anywhere close to now)

 ▪ Transform (into what?)

▪ Everyone or everything (who or what specifically) ▪ Different (what does different mean to you?)

• Use the term “this or better”

• Avoid“not”or the opposite of what you want

• Don’t share your manifestations with anyone that is doubtful of you or thinking bigger.

 • Manifestation doesn’t have to be an exchange. It is not an either/or scenario.

• Identifying limited language is GOOD because its undoing the subconscious automation.

Be mindful to not manifest from:

Despair–feeling like you have no one or are no one. This is a direct forgetfulness of your true source energy.

Co-dependence–feeling like you can only be happy if another person is in your life or helps you in some way. We can co-create regardless of anything or anyone else. We can take our power back by deciding we are capable and powerful.

Limitations based on what you think is possible or likely

Settling–Manifesting less than you want because you do not feel worthy of more.

Steer clear of “lack” words like:

• I don’t know

• It’s hard

• I’m stuck

• I’m blocked

• I don’t know how 

• Sure

• It’s a struggle

• It’s not working or It doesn’t work

Utilize Power language:

      • I AM



• I DECREE (this is a law of the universe)









Strengthen manifestations through:

• Amplifying or intensifying feelings

• Visualization

• Manifesting in a high vibe location or surrounding yourself with high vibe things 

• Listening to binaural beats while manifesting

• Specific crystals or stones

• Repetition or repeated writing

• Meditation and/or energy work

• Saying it out loud (bonus points if its in a mirror making eye contact)

Being mindful of language that does not get you to your desired outcome.

Examples of ineffective language

• Using words like "try"

• Using words like "hope to"

 • Using words like "attempt to"

    • Using phrases like I think it could

• Using phrases like kind of, perhaps, possibly, would like to 

• Using vague identifications like they, that, this, it, or these.

Being mindful of manifestations that are based on a condition. 

Something else needs to happen for this to occur. Another condition needs to change so I can have or feel what I want.

Examples of conditional choice language:

• I want_____so that___can happen

• I want______in order to feel________ 

• I want_______because___________

Deepening Your Manifestations:

I choose to receive love: (What does it feel like? Where do I feel love in my body? How often? What feelings accompany love? What kind? Giving or receiving? Where? With Who? For how long?) 

I choose receive money: (How much? How often? What do my bank accounts ideally look like? Freeing you from what? How does it feel? For how long?) 

I choose to receive happiness: (What does it feel like? How much? For how long? With who? Doing what? In what situations?) 

 I choose to receive success: (Doing what? For how long? How does it feel? What do I get from it? What does success mean to you?) 

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