Better Year, Better You.

Ready to take back your life in 2020?

2019 is over. Thank Goodness. And we are stepping into a new era, a new you, a better you. Every single year is what you make of it. I have comprised 3 Courses that will help you start this year off on seriously positive momentum. Each course has been carefully constructed to include components to not only decide what you want, step into alignment, stay consistent, and love yourself along the way! These courses can be purchased individually if you just need help in one area like creating consistency or routine, intuitive decision making, and/or manifesting self-love OR purchased as a course bundle at a discounted rate. Each course is 30-40 minutes long training and jam-packed with everything you need to know to become the best you this year. These courses are officially open for PRE-REGISTRATION and will be formally released January 10, 2020. 

Creating Consistency & Routine

Ready to make changes but you tend to lose motivation after a few days? Learn all of Nichole's tips and tricks for staying consistent in your goals and life. 

In this course you will learn: 
- The importance of creating a routine when it comes to changing your life 
- Different types of routine even for the busiest of schedules 
- Scientific techniques to improve follow through 
- Techniques to increase will power 
- Daily accountability through self-tracking and bullet journaling. 
- The power of repetition and subconscious reprogramming 
- How to recognize and begin to undo self sabotage.

It's time to stick to the changes you've always wanted to make.  

Intuitive Decision Making

Have a hard time hearing your intuition or telling what's right for you and what's not? Take this course to learn how your soul tells you whats right and wrong for you. 

In this course you will learn: 

* How your intuition speaks to you

* How your body responds to opportunities and situations

* What it feels like when your intuition is saying "yes" or "no"

* Specific Techniques to improve intuitive discernment 

* Specific techniques to improve your personal intuition 

* Daily practices for increasing your connection to the Universe.

It's time to hear what you're soul has been asking of you all this time. Let your highest self help you decide what's next.



Get ready to amp up your self love for 2020 with the Manifesting Self Love Course.  

In this course you will learn: 

* What Manifestation is

* How to trust the Universe

* How to rewire your self-perception through intention setting

* Specific techniques for deciding how you want to feel about yourself

* How to create tangible goals to boost self value. 

* Daily practices for increasing your love for yourself. 

Don't let another year pass by with the same negative thoughts telling you what you can and can't do or what you can or can't have. 

It's time to create massive change in how much you love yourself and how you take care of you. 

Get all 3 Courses with the FULL Bundle here.