Better Year, Better You: Intuitive Decision Making

Better Year, Better You: Intuitive Decision Making

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Have a hard time hearing your intuition or telling what's right for you and what's not? Take this course to learn how your soul tells you whats right and wrong for you.

In this course you will learn:

  • How your intuition speaks to you
  • How your body responds to opportunities and situations
  • What it feels like when your intuition is saying "yes" or "no"
  • Specific Techniques to improve intuitive discernment
  • Specific techniques to improve your personal intuition
  • Daily practices for increasing your connection to the Universe.

This course is 30 Minute training and comes with a worksheet to help you stay on track and is part of the Better Year, Better You Bundle. 

PRE-REGISTRATION now open for this course. It will be formally released January 10, 2020.