Let the Good In: Amazing Things Can Happen Twice

by Nichole Eaton

Have you ever heard a total stranger say something and it grips you. Like the Universe NEEDED you to hear that?

This morning I was struck again. I was flipping through social media and caught Kevin Crenshaw, a fellow coach and relationship expert’s, Instagram story. He said something that I felt instantly compelled to share:  

 “Amazing things can happen twice.” 

Sometimes when we lose a part of our life that was really good we get stuck. Because, well, it was really good. We gather ourselves in grief and hide out under our blankets wishing desperately for this amazing thing to return to us. Whether it was an opportunity, situation, job, status, or person.We waste a lot of time looking backwards, summoning our past to recreate itself in front of us. 

And the reality is, a lot of times we search for our lost pleasure in the same places currently causing us pain. Whether we are obsessively thinking about it, talking about it, or trying to figure it out. We bring our focus on it. We try to recreate it. Because we want to re-experience what we loved about that situation. The feeling of power, pride, connection, success, happiness, or love. Whatever the feeling we connect with this particular experience…all we know is, we want that back. 

 I’ve been devouring Brene’ Brown books faster than I can mow down Aniello’s chicken wing pizza and yesterday, while reading Rising Strong she shared: 

“During the process of rising, we sometimes find ourselves homesick for a place that no longer exists. We want to go back to that moment before we walked into the arena, but there’s nowhere to go back to.” 

 We look hard for moments to return to because it is safer to go back to what we know. It’s scary to only hope you will fall in love again or create something incredible once more. It’s difficult to believe amidst the pain that joy and happiness are around any corner. Certainty is easier than uncertainty. Knowing is easier than not knowing. But we simply can’t go back, nor can we stay somewhere mentally or physically that’s destroying us. Maybe you're forgetting the bad parts, maybe its a situation that can no longer exist. OR maybe just maybe, God has something better in store for you and you’re doing yourself a major disservice by staring at the wood grain on a closed door without noticing you just stepped into a botanical garden. 

Like Kevin reminds us, Amazing things can happen twice. and if you're stuck, I hope you hear that.

The world is abundant with good. We are in the season of good. There’s nothing that makes me feel more potential than Spring. Everything is in the process of rebirth and you can be, too. But you have to give yourself permission to not just shut -- but burn the door. Give yourself permission to trust we live in a world jam-packed full of good shit. It’s stuffed to the brim with joy. It’s bursting at the seams with prosperity. It’s oceans deep with love. All of the amazing things that have happened to you can happen again if you allow it. If you open your heart to it. If you trust the abundance of the Universe and your God given right to be happy, it has no choice but to find you. 

So, when you’re missing out on the garden by staring at the door, remind yourself: 

Amazing things can happen twice.Your only job is to let it.

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  • Thank you for this gentle reminder. A special person came into my life after a long period and it’s truly amazing and I want it. I just need to work on the courage to let go of my past and trust to move forward to happiness.

    Deanna Rhoads
  • Thank you for this message. It’s as if it were written just for me. I needed this today. Thank you.


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