5 Steps to Making a Major Comeback

I think our social media obsession has begun to make life look flawless and easy. Hell, on the internet, even hardships look easy -- even tough transitions look smooth. 

In reality…they’re not. Change can be difficult, especially if we weren’t anticipating it. 

Of course, we can approach hardships and crisis with as much grace as humanly possible but the truth is, sometimes life kicks us so hard to the ground it feels damn near impossible to get up. Our soul might feel sucked from our bodies and hope drained out of our hearts. 

This is the crucial point. The one where you want to throw in the towel. The one where you want to stop trying. 

But here’s the thing… you can’t. 

Because I know you and you’ve worked too hard to quit now. You’ve come too far. 

Not every knockdown has to be a knockout. Don’t stay down there. Fight for it. Even when you’re tired. Even when hope is low. Because your life and happiness are worth the fight.

Because change and hardships bring our strength to the surface. They beg us to be different, act different, think different, and see ourselves in a different light. 

Hardship is the key to power. 

It’s the lever to depth. 

You read that right. Hardship is the secret keyhole to stripping away the things we aren’t, humbling our hearts, and crucial to helping us build back up like a damn transformer, for all of the goodness to come. 

But we must understand a few things in order to not let the hardship take over, to not let the hopelessness win, to not fall deeper into the dark… 


1. Life can change in an instant.Bad emotions feel they’ll last forever. They feel like they are going to create a camp at the base of your skull, roast some marshmallows, pull out a cot, and hibernate. Few things in life are permanent and this situation, this feeling, this moment does NOT have to be one of them. Every second of every day is a chance your life could change for the better. The Universe has massive power. You have massive power. Maybe it’s someone you run into at the grocery store with the right connections to your dream job. Maybe you find the golden ticket like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Maybe, just maybe, you strike rich on the lotto ticket you bought yesterday. Not one damn thing is impossible. And this change can happen for you in any given moment. But you have to know that it’s possible, it’s possible for you. 

2. What do you really want?If you’ve ever worked with me you know I’m obsessed with this question. Sorry, not sorry. Many times, the Universe moves the wrong things out of the way, to make way for the right opportunities, people, or situations. The Universe is begging you to look at what’s possible for you. It’s pleading with you to stop settling. What’s possible at your total best? What do you ACTUALLY deserve? The Universe knows you can have more and wants to show up for you but you have to understand it has to make space in your life for you to receive it. Write down what you want. Truly. Don’t half ass it. Don’t minimize it. Don't play small. Be honest. Day dream. Allow curiosity and possibility to be your new bff. 


3. Remember.Remember all of the times you’ve overcome some major crap. Remember all of the strength you had to have for to get through those hard times. Remember all the ways the Universe supported you or even surprised you. Find stories of other people’s triumphs and comebacks if you can’t come up with enough of your own. Because it’s all there. Every single successful person has gone through some level of hell and came out of it blazing. You can, too. 

4. Patience is necessary.I’d like everything to look peachy right this very second. Wouldn’t that be great? If I could control the timing of life? Although, I truly believe we all have the power of the Universe in us, that God spark… I can assure you, you’re not, and I’m certainly NOT God. There is a bigger energy and a plan for you. A bigger energy jam-packed with a mass of pure love, a power that creates worlds, the one giving life to nature, and order to the oceans has something for you. Find what you believe in and find it deeply. Because I promise you if you close your eyes and breathe, it’s right there. Asking for you to allow it to do its work. 

5. Do your own work.You can trust the Universe to do its part. But you can’t stop doing yours. Even if it’s small. Find the little moments filled with joy. Fuel your body when you eat and exercise when you can. Drink plenty of water. Find the sunlight and soak it up. Become a plant. Make small steps towards any goal you can think of. Show up for yourself. Be consistent. I’m a firm believer what we put out we get back. Bless those around you with love. Be extra kind. Give compliments. Begin to envision a future for yourself. Write down what you want. Begin to believe in what you deserve. 

Your comeback is waiting for you. Be patient, do the work, trust the Universe, and know that any second of any day your life can dramatically change for the better.

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