Are you ready for your comeback?

Have you been feeling like a victim to life? 

Does life feel completely out of your control lately?

Do you just not feel like yourself?

Does this season of your life just feel like one challenge after another?

The good news? You're in the right place....

I've been divinely called to create this course. Because well, we've all felt a little beaten up the past few years. 

We've all felt the external chaos seep into our hearts, making us question EVERYTHING.

Our conditions have changed and we've been forced to adapt.

and y'all, it's been HARD.

Here's the thing...

You're STILL in control of you.

You are NOT a victim to your life. 

You were, in fact, MADE for an amazing life. You were made to feel on top of the world. You were made to have all the love, the fun, the goodness. You were made for incredible things.

And I'm here to help you 

Remember, who the eff you are.

I'm here to help you 

Take your power back

I have designed a 6-week Intensive Course to help you:

This Course Will Include:

6-Classes that build upon one another to include body, mind, and soul. Totaling over 7 hours of life-changing content.

Each class has reflection questions, mantras, and practices to help you reflect, integrate, and work through any old patterns, thoughts, or beliefs that are holding you back.

Each class as a personalized meditation video to help with the theme of the week.

The Course Content:

 Week One

This week will focus on understanding your energy as an empath,

protecting and clearing your energy. As well as a deeper understanding of the Universe and a 

reminder of your power, as part of the Universe.

Week Two

This week will focus on taking responsibility for your life, 

monitoring excuses, reassessing goals, self care, and creating a routine. 

Zooming back in on you.

 Week Three

This week will focus on external relationships, creating and setting boundaries,

 finding your voice to speak your truth, limiting your investment, 

and manifesting and maintaining healthy dynamics.

Week Four

This week will focus on shrinking the past, forgiveness,

 releasing power and control over others, as well as releasing control of the future.

Week Five

This week will focus on the power of language and utilizing specific words, reframing, 

and understanding your mindset and its impact. As well as,

 shifting your perceptions for a healthier and happier life.

Week Six

This week will focus on designing your dream life, envisioning who you want to be, 

and the importance of meditation in manifesting.


Manifestation Writing Tutorial 

This mini class will help you amplify your manifestation game by creating consistency and explaining "how to" best manifest.

It's time to take your life back.


The Comeback Course was nothing short of a wake up call for my soul! Nichole helped me reset and recharge my mindset and energy each and every week. During this time, I was not only dealing with the pandemic as a nurse, but also trying to build a business on the side helping others through life coaching. 

I felt overwhelmed and still a bit lost with my purpose. Receiving guidance from Nichole helped me find balance and gain an understanding of what it means to take inspired action towards finding what lights me up. She helps you find yourself again while empowering you to see what you are truly capable of and the power you hold when it comes to choosing the path you desire in this life.

                                                                    - April S

"This course is for anyone and everyone, but it specifically targets those who are ready and willing to get up, close, and personal within themselves, to ultimately step into their own power!

In this course I was able to learn and adapt to finding peace and grounding within myself, and not rely on outside sources to feel "centered".

Each step, each meditation, each conversation is solely focused on bringing you into yourself so you can become the absolute best version of yourself regardless of the outside surroundings!

Personally, this course has helped me tremendously, in defying my own thoughts, fear, and doubt. After this course and with conscious thinking and practicing I have seen major growth in myself, including, setting boundaries, knowing my worth, and not internalizing everything from the outside world, when it's in fact not even mine to dwell on. 

If you are ready to make the biggest and most satisfying change of your life, this course is for you! You will not regret it!!!

                               - Hilary L.

Everyone looking for a profound reset should take this course! It was EXACTLY what my soul needed during a time I was feeling stuck and needed a fresh vision.

The content each week was loaded with amazing information and ways to directly apply it to your life. It allowed me to Re-member exactly who I am designed to be. Highly Recommend."

                                         - Ashley B.

Change Your Life Now:

  • 6- 1 hour, in depth classes to learn and integrate the topic
  • Weekly Workbook designed to help you maintain focus and progress throughout the week
  • Weekly Bonus Meditations to help improve momentum with manifesting and energetic balance throughout the week.

About Nichole Eaton

I'm Nichole Eaton, Host of the Rock Your Soul Podcast, and Author of the book, Rock Your Soul, The Down-to-Earth-Guide to Mastering Your Mind, a Mental Health Counselor turned Soul Therapist, with a decade of experience in understanding both our mind and energy. I have helped hundreds of people connect with their best selves, improve their intuition, understand their energy, and make positive changes in their life.