The Comeback Course Product

The Comeback Course Product

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This Course Will Include:

  • 6-Classes that build upon one another to include body, mind, and soul. Totaling over 7 hours of life-changing content.
  • Each class has reflection questions, mantras, and practices to help you reflect, integrate, and work through any old patterns, thoughts, or beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Each class as a personalized meditation video to help with the theme of the week.

The Course Content:

 Week One

This week will focus on understanding your energy as an empath, protecting and clearing your energy. As well as a deeper understanding of the Universe and a reminder of your power, as part of the Universe.

Week Two

This week will focus on taking responsibility for your life, monitoring excuses, reassessing goals, self care, and creating a routine. Zooming back in on you.

 Week Three

This week will focus on external relationships, creating and setting boundaries, finding your voice to speak your truth, limiting your investment, and manifesting and maintaining healthy dynamics.

Week Four

This week will focus on shrinking the past, forgiveness, releasing power and control over others, as well as releasing control of the future.

Week Five

This week will focus on the power of language and utilizing specific words, reframing, and understanding your mindset and its impact. As well as, shifting your perceptions for a healthier and happier life.

Week Six

This week will focus on designing your dream life, envisioning who you want to be, and the importance of meditation in manifesting.


Manifestation Writing Tutorial 

This mini class will help you amplify your manifestation game by creating consistency and explaining "how to" best manifest.