I Can Do Hard Things: A Lesson in Showing Up for Yourself

I can do hard things.

The above is verbiage that has been on repeat for the last 40 days as I approach the halfway mark to an intense workout program I dove headfirst into. (No, I’m not going to sell you Beachbody programs or workout shakes, not that theres anything wrong with that.) This blog post is just a little deeper than that. 

“I’m inconsistent”
“I don’t follow through”
“I procrastinate and don’t finish”

This was me 40 days ago.

Doubtful. Unsure. And afraid of failing something (i.e. myself). I’m not going to sit here and say a workout program changed my life, but I will say it vastly improved my belief in myself. I started this program in the midst of the biggest change I’ve ever made, a move 700 miles away from what I’ve always known to be home. During a time where I was lost and feeling a little invisible. Where I had no idea what direction to turn and if anything familiar would be there when I finally did.

But one of the things the fitness instructor kept repeating is “You can do hard things.” The first time I heard it, I had the eye-rolling attitude commonly associated with platitudes. But with each workout I completed, each rep I committed to, each time I wanted to give up but didn’t, each time I ordered water instead of a soda or beer, I realized -- holy shit, I CAN do hard things!

By day 10 I realized I am consistent.

By the end of each workout I realized I DO finish. I follow through.

Part of fitness is proving yourself wrong. When you want to quit, you simply don’t. You find whatever ounce of strength you have left and you commit. Maybe you have a personal trainer yelling in your ear or maybe it’s a mental battle of you telling that bullshit voice you aren’t taking the easy route this time. You stop thinking and you just submerge yourself in action.

Part of changing your life is this: Act.


Even if it’s hard. Even if you HATE the process while it's happening. It will be done soon. And on the other side is something incredible. It’s strength and power. It’s a belief in yourself you didn’t have before. Whether it’s working out or taking a new step in your life to change it. Quitting that job or leaving that relationship. Or even a move across the country.

All things uncomfortable will find their way to comfort if you hold your intention, act, and push through it. Remembering why you started.

There’s days too, you’ll need grace and compassion. For days when you simply can't push as hard. The days where you cry or doubt yourself. The days where you aren't sure you are going to make it. This is the time to set your sights on tomorrow and remind yourself, you can do hard things.

You have before. You’ve been through worse. You’ve made it out on the other side.

Show up for yourself. Don't you dare NOT show up. Be the person you know you can always count on. Dive into your own power. And own the fact that YOU can do hard things.

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