How to Stop a Freak Out

I always explain to clients that when it's time to move on into a new area of your life, the transition period is always a little wonky. And the more you fight that change, whether its a job or relationship that no longer suits you, a city or town, a group of friends or a hobby, the more life will get uncomfortable.

Now as an outsider, I can see this plain as day. But my personal life has been uncomfortable, lately. Things that have always been staples in my life, are disappearing or shifting before my eyes. People I thought I could count on are refocusing their energy in places that no longer involve me. I'm human and if I'm honest its not just uncomfortable, it hurts. 

Change hurts. Shifting hurts. But I'm still a firm believer that the Universe doesn't happen TO you it happens FOR you. Even if in that moment you don't have the capacity to see the big picture. Sometimes we've outgrown the things we are grasping onto. Sometimes we have shifted far beyond expectations. And when we don't take the jump forward on our own the Universe seems to literally push you out. (Taking a note from Luda, #movebitch)

And when all this shifting is happening and all the things, people and places are disappearing. When it feels like you've been misplaced and left behind. That you've been moved and forgotten. When it feels like nothing is on your side, not even God. This is where your trust takes full force. You have to trust that what lies ahead is greater than what's left behind...and other freakishly true euphemisms. 

Trust is essential, because the other option is fear. Fear that its all gone for good. Fear that you'll panic and not know what to do. Fear that the world around you will cease to exist as you know it and this apocalyptic wave of anxiety will take out every root holding you to the ground.

But perhaps when your roots are stripped, this is where you find your wings. And the thing I know about wings is they are the epitome of possibility.

Change is your wings my friend. Go anywhere, see anything. Make friends, reach out. Try something new. But most importantly, let go and let god. Watch how your life transforms into something beautiful. Watch how powerful you become through the change. Its' nice to hold onto safety nets, to familiarity but when we finally let it go, we embrace who we were always meant to be.



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