How to Make This Year YOUR Year

“This is a new year,” I keep declaring to myself.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m trying to convince myself or exactly what this is. Since November, I’ve felt my cells shifting, my bones shaking, and my whole body rising to the occasion. 

I saw this coming.But no fireworks detonated when the clock struck midnight. Confetti didn't shoot out of the ceiling. Instead, I quietly put my kids to bed and fell asleep. But a flip switched in me, and I realized I’m done settling for anything less than exactly what I want. Out of life, out of my career, out of relationships, and out of myself. 

And that comes with consequences. It comes with hard conversations and loss. It comes with intense clarity and uncomfortable energy.

 But it comes with FREEDOM and TRUTH. 

Because to make true change you have to get uncomfortable. Like standing in the middle of the grocery store in your birthday suit uncomfortable. (Don’t actually do that. Unless, of course, you want to.) 

I refuse to repeat behaviors or thought patterns of the past. I refuse to put myself in situations that don’t support me or invest in me. I refuse to not see my own power. I refuse to cave to demands of guilt. I’m done. 

This new me is pretty cool. She cares less, but in a good way. She’s a little freer and a lot more fun. She’s a little opinionated and a lot more productive. Her goals have leveled up and broke the damn ceiling. Her fire is lit. I’m still adjusting to her and have to call her back to me, when I start to forget who I’ve decided to be. 

We become who we decide ourselves to be. 

We stay in line with what we believe about ourselves to be true. So, if you’ve become a variation of yourself that gets walked over or used. Undo it. If you’ve become someone who has shrunk to fit somewhere you don’t even care to be. Regrow. If you’ve become someone who has lost hope. Open up to faith. If you've become someone where your insides are screaming, "THIS ISN'T ME" then its time

 Who you are is a decision.And you get to decide every moment of every day to be BETTER. To not let this year be the same as the last and to not let bad people, bad thoughts, toxic energy follow you into your new year. 

 This is your year. It’s your turn. I hope you're ready for it. 

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