Feeling like a failure? Read this.


How do you measure success? 

I’m a classic overachiever. If I’ve wanted to do it, I’ve probably done it. I’ve always had my eyes on the prize and gone after what I wanted.

When I moved, however, I felt really unsure of what still fit me. Who would I be in this new territory? I found myself not sure and not feeling connected to previous parts of my life. So, I did something I’ve never really done: Nothing.

At first, the anxiety of “nothing” overwhelmed me. I should be doing something, right? But every time I pushed it felt wrong. It felt forced. Rather than forcing, I flowed. I followed what felt good to my soul.

I refocused my energy on work that was sort of mindless and easy. I reorganized my house and spent some serious quality time with my kids. I made dinners from scratch and the kids always have a healthy lunch with a special note. The laundry is done and I KonMarie’d my bedrooms. I’ve worked out every day, drank less alcohol, and made new friends.

I’ve done a lot since I moved. I didn’t write another book, I’m not booking out my days. But. I’ve found that every day I feel a little lighter and a little clearer. As much as part of me has felt like a failure for not pushing myself forward into what I’ve always known or done or setting my sights on a giant goal, I’ve found success in taking really good care of myself and my family. I’ve found success in flowing into what feels right and good. Organizing, clearing, and being intentional about how I am spending my days.

Success isn’t just your achievements. It’s not even always how you impact the world. Some days success is just going to mean that you got through it. Some days success will be domestic goddessing and cupcake baking with your kids on a Saturday night. 

Success is in getting to know yourself. Listening when everything in you tells you to be and not do.

Showing up to work out even when you’re a little tired. But also eating that delicious s'mores cupcake if you want to. Sometimes success is staying in flow, listening to your heart, and seeing what opportunities show up.

Some may argue with me but success is any moment that you leave feeling a little more you.

Redefine WHAT success is to YOU. Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for the areas where you are totally nailing it. Stop forcing what you think SHOULD be happening and just flow with it.


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  • Love this. Success might be sitting at the window watching the birds for an hour. Letting the to go list go. Watching the Coopers hawk in the pine tree waiting patiently for the birds to let down their guard as we wait patiently to let our mind settle down and just be… That was success for me this morning.

    Lori C

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