Open When: You’re Starting Over


It’s a big change, eh?

Whether you’ve just moved or started a new job. Whether you’ve ended or begun a relationship. Whether you just brought a new life into this world or you just watched one leave. No matter what has shifted in your life, I know something for certain, it probably feels foreign and scary. Maybe you don’t know what is next.

Here’s the thing: There’s two separate states when it comes to starting over and I’m not talking New York vs. South Carolina. I’m speaking on emotional states.

Trust or Cling. It’s really that simple. You can cling to the past like you’re three and won’t let your mother wash your favorite stuffed bunny. You can grip on to the things or situations that weren’t working for you, just because they are familiar. You can play small and settle for less than what you want


You can trust that life will be what you make it. That you can create a life of your dreams even if something is different or is currently missing. Trust that you can find joy again or happiness. That ease can seep back into your veins. Trust that you can fill in the gaps with passion and meaning.  Trust in the upgrade, in the potential. Trust in the magic of knowing anything could happen and it only takes seconds for your life to change in the most beautiful way.

I know. it’s freaking scary. Because it’s easy to doubt yourself or doubt the Universe. It’s easy to stick with what we know. But this risk that you’ve taken either intentionally, or that has fallen into your lap unintentionally, could be everything you’ve needed it to be and more. Let the world surprise you. Let your hopes stay as strong as your Starbucks Espresso.

Follow your intuition, your soul, wherever it leads you. You may not always know what the hell you’re doing, but the Universe certainly does. The Universe thrives on intention, on a crooked smile that says, “See, You were okay all along. I was just placing you here so you could be everything you were meant to be.”

So, you can trust or cling. It’s a choice. Every minute you slip into fear, you get to choose to come back to the light. Trust that even when life is messy, the world knows what it’s doing. 

And as I always say, some days are just a wash. But I hope you start over tomorrow. I hope the sunlight wakes you up and remind you of how powerful you are. I hope you’re surrounded with nothing but love and people who remind you to hold your head up and live with your heart.


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