Open When: You Need to Stop Comparing

It’s easy to compare when you really want something you don’t have. It’s easy to doubt yourself, believing you’ll never get there, too. Worrying about money, relationships, health, or that the future of your dreams might not show up for you.  

You’re not them. And they’re not you. You have qualities, skills, situations, experiences they don’t and vice versa. All life works in moderation. Areas of life you’ve mastered, others are just starting. 

 Put your phone down and away. Spend a little time by yourself. What is it that you truly want?What makes you feel alive? What have you already knocked out of the ball park?

Some things are in your control. Maybe you need to get non-fat milk in your mocha instead of the extra whip and caramel drizzle. Maybe you need to ask for help or set boundaries. Maybe there is an action you can take to get you one step ahead of where you are now. Stop what you’re doing and name what that is. Even if it will move you a smidgen or a centimeter forward, that is progress. Happiness is progress. It’s knowing you’re not stuck and you’re heading towards your goals.

Then there’s the things you can’t control. And it sucks. But this is where you need to find it in your heart to have faith in how the Universe works out. To surrender up all your concerns, worries, and feelings of never achieving your desires. You can only trust right now, that the Universe is already conspiring in your favor. 

 So take special note of those pieces that you can totally handle. Because you’ve got it. Even if it’s simply taking a moment to breathe.  I know that’s your strong point. To grab coffee with a friend who knows your value. Read something that makes you feel badass.

Come back to center. Trust the Universe. You may not be “there” yet. But you will be wherever you are destined to be, in the correct time. No one is you. No one has your story. No one has your strength. And that is YOUR power. Refocus. Come back to yourself. Your soul is waiting for you.

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