Open When: You're Ready to Let Go

Open when: You are ready to let go


I know you’re scared.

I know that you don’t know if you’re ready or what it will look like after you do. The unknown is scary. But what I know is that we don’t even consider letting go of anything that has been going really damn well.

So maybe it’s time for something new. To create space to see what can transpire. To open your world to possibility of more. You deserve more. 

Possibility and letting go are a necessary pairing like wine and chocolate. But you must believe something better can come for you. You must be open to receive it. You must dig deep into your faith to know that you are worth more than this situation has to offer you.

It’s time.

You can’t waste any more of your precious life half-assing things with half-assed jobs, half-assed relationships, or half-assed joy. You can’t waste any more time in energy that makes you small, that brings you down, that makes you believe this low grade feeling is all there is. 

There’s a whole big beautiful world out there. Waiting for you! Ready to show up for you. There’s a world that’s full of love and truth. Abundant with possibility and endless dreams to be fulfilled.

Take a deep breath. Surrender. And Release.

Let the Universe catch you. Just let go. You've got this.

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