Open When: You're Feeling Overwhelmed

Take a deep breath.

I know today is a lot. Maybe a lot, a lot. But the good news is, having a lot going on means things are moving in your life instead of stagnant. Look for the moments of joy. Look for the exciting prospects of your future. It's there in between the gunk. I promise.

This is also a good time to prioritize. What actually NEEDS to get done? What can wait? And most importantly, what belongs to me and what is someone else's responsibility? Sometimes we take on concerns, problems, and projects that were simply never ours to mess with in the first place

Take a deep breath.

Narrow down your goals. What is most important to your heart and happiness? Focus on that first. We only have to worry about today. We only need to focus on getting through the end of today.

And remember, do what you can. Rest as needed. You are capable. You are valuable. You can do whatever it is you set your mind to.

Take a deep breath. And just start somewhere.

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