Charlotte Favorites: The Lights Juicery & Cafe

Review: The Lights: Charlotte Juicery & Cafe 

Skip it and summarize: I freaking loved this place and will absolutely be back. If you're looking for a healthy cafe choice, The Lights has you covered!

I’ve recently switched up my diet (from consuming 90,000 everything bagels to seeking out a place that fails to clog all my arteries). I’m located in Fort Mill and as much as I love everything in NODA and Uptown Charlotte, It’s way easier for me to (avoid traffic) go to Ballantyne. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Ballantyne. It’s a MUST.

If you are not from Charlotte, you might have heard of Ballantyne (rhymes with Valentine) because  word on the street is Obama stayed here during the DNC once upon a time. 

Anyway, in my search for the perfect acai bowl, I stumbled upon the most adorable juicery and café’ called The Lights. This juicery sits in a plaza strip perpendicular to a Harris Teeter which means you can pick up those last minute groceries when you are finished, you’re welcome.  

I’m hanging here on a Tuesday Morning, getting work done and enjoying the 75 degrees on their quaint patio. Although there are people in and out, I have found it the most pleasant place to quietly sit and get work done.

$$: I think The Lights compares favorably to similar businesses price wise. I grabbed an Acai smoothie bowl, jam packed with acai berry, banana, brazil nuts, raw honey, fruit, coconut flakes, granola, and cacao nibs ($9).

Bonus, the sign when you walk in is extremely Instagram worthy.

They have plenty of other offerings including toasts, salads, smoothies, and various espressos starting around $3. 

Why you should go: Outside of the welcoming atmosphere, kind and thoughtful staff, and delicious food. This Is the perfect place to write, read, or enjoy friendly company.

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